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Pill Crushers

Pill crushers are devices that crush pills. The resulting powder can be added to liquid or food, which can aid in the digestion of the medication. The crushed pill can be mixed with food or liquid to be taken without difficulty, although not all medications can be crushed with our pill crushers. Click here to see important information on pill crushing. The Original Ocelco Pill Crusher is an industry leader; its unparalleled strength and durability allowfor years of simple and trouble free crushing. The Hand Held Medicine Crusher is small enough to travel with you. All the Pill Crushers for sale here are simple to use, whether you’re a family member or a caregiver. Sani-Safe Crush Bags are Ultra Thin and More Durable than the Competition. Other items ofinterest may be our Pill Ejector or Pill Splitters. Consult your physician or pharmacist before crushing any pills.

If you have any questions about the pill crushers for sale below, please contact our Customer Service at 800-328-5343 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.
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Price: $74.20
Metal Pill Crushers easily reduce pills to powder, strong enough for institutional use, perfect for hospitals, nursing home, and pharmacies.
Price: $21.58
Pill Crusher Base Plate Complete with Hardware the original pill crushers can be mounted to med-carts, tabletops, etc. with the mounting base.
Price: $45.19
Polycarbonate Plastic Pill Crushers, Mauve
Price: $45.19
Polycarbonate Plastic Pill Crushers, Black
Price: $45.19
Polycarbonate Plastic Pill Crushers, Teal
Price: $45.19
Polycarbonate Plastic Pillcrusher, Royal Blue the body is constructed of polycarbonate injection molded plastic.
Price: $19.90
Hand held pill crushers turn pills into powder, ideal for adults or children who can't swallow pills. Hand held pill crushers make pill crushing effortless.
Price: $6.22
Sani-Safe Crush Bags - 2 1/2" x 2", 100 Bags per Roll
Price: $53.53
Sani-Safe Crush Bags - 2 1/2" x 2", 100 Bags per Roll - 10 Rolls per Case
Price: $6.22
Sani-Safe Crush Bags - 4" x 2", 100 Bags per Roll
Price: $53.53
Sani-Safe Crush Bags - 4" x 2", 100 Bags per Roll - 10 Rolls per Case
Price: $8.49
Plastic Pill Crusher Bags can replace any souffle cup as your new container for medication crushing. They work with nearly any pill crusher.
Price: $18.85
3/4oz. Souffle Cups, 1000 each these cups are great with Ocelco's pill crushers.
Price: $81.13
3/4 Ounce Souffle Cups 5000/cs these cups are great for the Ocelco pill crushers.
Price: $141.27
MAXCRUSH Pill Crushers are designed with a unique buffering and grinding motion to deliver highly effective pill crushing with minimal manual effort.
Price: $28.30
MAXCRUSH Pill Crusher Pouches are designed to effectively eliminate the problem of cross-contamination from other pill crusher bags on the market.
Price: $13.33
MAXGRIND Pill Crushers are designed with a dynamic crushing and grinding action to easily deliver finely crushed medication from the top down.
Price: $39.43
Grip N Crush medication crushers efficiently crush and pulverize medications without using crushing pouches or cups with this durable urethane pill crusher.
Price: $136.67
Silent Knight pill crushers have long been a significant and highly trusted tablet cutter in medication management. Facilities and hospitals around the world use the Silent Knight pill crusher everyday.

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